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About Us


Goldenwool Thermal Insulation Refractory Co., Ltd. began to product insulation refractory material in 1960s . Goldenwool has more than 30 years experience in the manufacturimng and installation of various insulation products. With the development of advanced technology and professional technical staffS , Goldenwool has the ability to designe for industry and market sectors and provide thermal insulation solutions according to customers' requirement.

Goldenwool provides high temperature asbestos-free rock wool products, including rock wool board, rock wool sliver, rock wool pipe and other refractory materials; In here , Goldenwool provides one-stop service which is according to your requirements and the installation environment. Provide you the best solution to ensure that each step of the process is convenient, so you will be satisfied with Goldenwool's products and service.

If you are interested in the engineered insulation solution for your application, please contact us today to discuss and meet you needs.