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The First Order of Goldenwool in July

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Update time : 2018-07-06 16:43:34
calcium silicate board
Every month is a new start. For Goldenwool, it is a rule to get an order in the beginning of every month. Yesterday, Goldenwool got an order from Australian customer, their purchasing products are rock wool board, calcium silicate board and high temperature adhesive.
Rock wool products are Goldenwool’s main products, and have exported to many countries.  Goldenwool also have ten years experience of manufacturing calcium silicate boards.
Before making orders, the Australian customer invited his China agency to come to Goldenwool company to visit. Both sides reached an agreement about this business, and the customer got great trust by this visit and communication.
Goldenwool’s profession and enthusiasm promote the success of business, if you want to get same joyful experience, welcome to contact Goldenwool