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The Elite Team of Goldenwool

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Update time : 2018-04-19 17:51:27
Goldenwool company is devote to producing high quality rock wool products and offer professional and excellent service to customers, and the reason why Goldenwool gets many praise is Goldenwool has a elite team. Every member of this team has professional knowledge about rock wool and foreign trade, so they can offer great service to the customer all over the world.
Goldenwool offers periodical training to all the staffs. Last week, all of staffs took part in the responsibility training, and got great harvest from the training. The elite team of Goldenwool will offer better service to customers in future.

team responsibility training
Goldenwool also pay attention to staffs’ recreational activities, last week, Goldenwool also organized the barbecue for all of the staffs. Everyone gets a rest from the activity.

team barbecueteam barbeque

All the activities will make the Goldenwool team more professional and offer better service to customers.