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Rock Wool Board for Exterior Wall

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Update time : 2018-06-07 16:01:56
Rock wool board for exterior wall has excellent fireproof, thermal insulation and sound-absorbing properties. It is mainly used for the thermal insulation and  sound insulation of building walls and roofs; the fire protection and noise reduction of building partitions, firewalls, fire doors and elevator shafts. It is also suitable for pipeline insulation and heat insulation in electric power, petroleum, metallurgy and shipbuilding industries, especially for the construction of small-sized straight pipelines. Waterproof rock wool pipe has the special function of moisture-proof, heat-removal and water-repellent, especially suitable for using in rainy and humid environment, the moisture absorption rate is less than 5%, and water-repellent rate is more than 98%.


Fireproof rock wool is made of natural volcanic rock and is non-combustible building fireproof materials.

Main fire protection features

A1 Fire rating , it can effectively prevent the spread of fire.
Stable dimensions, do not stretch, shrink or deform during a fire.
High temperature, melting point is higher than 1000 °C.
No smoke or burning droplets/fragments are produced in the fire.
No harmful substances and gases are released in the fire.
Thermal insulation: The fiber of rock wool is slender and flexible, and the slag  content is low, so rock wool has low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation effect.
Sound Absorption and Noise Reduction: Rock wool is an ideal sound insulation material. A large number of slender fibers form a porous connection structure, which determines that rock wool is an excellent sound absorption and noise reduction material.