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March, A Harvest Season for Goldenwool

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Update time : 2018-04-03 15:36:04
rock wool board

Rock wool is the main product of Goldenwool, and March is the peak period of rock wool, so in March, Goldenwool got more orders than before. The customers who came from America, Japan and Singapore, all made rock wool orders from Goldenwool. And Goldenwool offered high quality products and excellent service to all the customers, accordingly, Goldenwool got great praise from the customer all of the world.
Rock wool is an insulation material, which can be used in building, industry and marine area. The main function of rock wool is thermal insulation and sound proofing. With the advantage of cheap price and high utilization rate, rock wool is very popular in all kinds of area.
Goldenwool has gotten many rock wool orders from in and abroad. The reason is Goldenwool has stable product line and professional service team.
Now it is still in peck period of rock wool, and Goldenwool will get more orders in next month.