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Acoustic Function of Rock Wool Board

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Update time : 2018-06-27 15:48:34

rock wool board

Rock wool board is a kind of artificial inorganic fiber which is made of basalt and processed after high-temperature melting. It has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conduction, low heat absorption, non-flammability, etc. Rock wool also has durable and strong surface strength and high bearing capacity, so the life of rock wool board is also longer than other insulation materials. The insulation system using rock wool has great performance in both external wall insulation and fire proofing. Not only greatly reducing the loss of building heat system and the air conditioning, but also allow companies to arrive the aim of energy-saving

Rock wool board is well known as a kind of insulation material used in building insulation industry, but most people do not know that rock wool board not only has good insulation and fire protection effects, but also great soundproofing effect. The soundproofing effect of rockwool insulation board is playing an important role in residential housing. Today, as people's life develops faster and faster, the booming city has become the main theme of people's lives today, even if it is off work. Afterwards, there are inevitably loud sounds. How to isolate these noises has become an issue that people have been discussing and worrying about. Now that we have rock wool insulation boards, everything becomes different. Rock wool insulation boards is a great choice. It can create a quiet and comfortable rest environment for people who are tired after work, and keep them stay away from the noisy and disturbing world outside.
From now to future, rock wool insulation board will use higher technology and become more environmental, giving us a quiet world